Wornstar Clothing - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I submit a Donation Request?
Thank you for considering Wornstar Clothing for a possible donor to your organization or fundraiser. Before sending a request PLEASE read ALL the way through and e-mail us at wornstar@wornstar.com. Please keep in mind that we get many requests for donations and it is not possible for us to honor them all or respond to all who submit. Please do not e-mail repeatedly, call, or name drop. We really get a large volume of requests. Please submit at least 90 days prior to your event.

Please be very specific of your request for your fundraiser and provide ALL information below in your e-mail:

1. Full name (first and last)
2. Address including city, state, postal code, country
3. Your e-mail address
4. Your phone number
5. Cell phone number
6. Work phone number
7. What is the best way to contact you
8. Organization name
9. Organization type
10. Tax ID number
11. Date of your event
12. Time of your event
13. Location of your event
14. What are the contributions from the fundraiser going towards
15. Any other information you’d like to share with us regarding your fundraiser
16. List of other contributors and their involvement
17. What kind of donation are you hoping for from Wornstar Clothing and how will it be used
18. What can Wornstar Clothing expect in return for their donation

Q. How do I get a Wornstar Clothing endorsement deal?
Artists, athletes, and models seeking an endorsement deal or clothing for an event, please read all the way through below and e-mail us artistrelations@wornstar.com. The artist, athlete, or model should contact us directly, not through a representative, manager, agent, record label, or girlfriend. All submissions must be done through this e-mail. No exceptions; not even if you know the owner, think you know the owner, think you have a friend that works here, know somebody famous, think you know somebody famous, etc.

Wornstar Clothing does not offer paid sponsorships and we do not give away free clothing. We offer discounts on our product. Discount depends on promotion potential from the artist through all social media, live shows, directly to friends and fans, as well as TV and Video appearances, events, photos, etc. You must have scheduled live shows and be playing at least 80 shows per year and/or have national TV appearances/events scheduled. We get a large volume of requests and it may not be possible for us to respond to all of them, but we will review them all.

Please send us the following; All items on the list are required:

1. Name of your band and info about your band (members, ages, age of band, musical style)
2. Current professional photos of your band wearing Wornstar Clothing (if you cannot complete this step, do not submit)
3. A complete list of other brands that you endorse or that sponsor you
4. Link(s) to original material and/or videos
5. A current tour schedule (artist should be playing live at least 80 dates per year)
6. Social media presence list and links - Website, Facebook, Twitter, and others
7. The first line of your email must include the password jellyfish in a sentence
8. Let us know what value you will bring to our brand

Please be sure to provide ALL information above including your contact information if you'd like to be considered. Do not assume that we know who you are. We will not do research on your band. Please send us the information above via e-mail to artistrelations@wornstar.com

All ad, website, and promotional usage is at our discretion. We are a clothing company and not your management, promotions agency, your booking agent, or your publicist.

Athletes, media TV and radio, photographers, music fans, and any other person interested in a sponsorship please email a complete proposal to email address above. No request will be considered without a proposal. Thanks!

Shipping and Return Inquiries:

Q. What is your return policy?
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions Page.

Q. Do you ship outside of the U.S.?
Yes, on the checkout page there is a pulldown menu to determine shipping costs to your country.

Payment Inquiries:

Q. What methods of payment do you accept?
Wornstar Clothing accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, and Paypal.

Q. Do you accept Paypal?

Q. Do you accept orders over the phone?

Custom Shop FAQs:

Q. What are the different custom items you offer in your web store Custom Series section?
• MTO = Made at Time of Order (go in a queue at time of order)
• RTS = Ready to ship (these are listed in the size we have with measurements as available, and only offered in the size listed)
• One of a kind. One of a kind items are just that, one of a kind. These are not recreated in other sizes. Once they are sold, they are sold.

Q. How soon can I expect my custom item to ship?
Custom orders from the Stage Wear on our website take on an average 2-4 weeks to ship out, but it could be longer depending on availability of materials to produce the item and work load in the custom studio at time you place your order. If you have an important event and need your item rushed please contact us to make sure we can meet your date and what the rush fee would be for your item. All custom work must be pre-paid in full before any work is begun.

Q. Can I send in my own pieces to be customized?
Yes. If you will be sending you own blanks to be customized please send photos of your items and and email to wornstar@wornstar.com prior to your purchase. If you're sending your own garment, please be sure that the size, material, style, cut, and base color of the garment that you are sending is what you want. Alterations to size, material, style, cut, and base color are not included in the cost.

Q. Can you make items to my specs or with my provided elements such as patches or my logo and/or graphics?
If you’re looking to have something completely made from scratch or designed to your specs please email your request to wornstar@wornstar.com. Please provide details, reference photos and links, size needed, elements you’ll be providing, and completion date. We will respond with the answer after we review your request. These items can take a few weeks or several months to complete and will be quoted accordingly.

Q. Can you re-create the items in your Custom items gallery?
Custom items pictured in the gallery are previously made items and not all can be re-created. Please email wornstar@wornstar.com if you have questions about a gallery item.

Q. How soon will I hear from you after I submit a custom quote request?
Custom quote requests will be reviewed within one week and please be patient with our responses, as we are a very small shop. Your custom job must be paid in full before it can go in the queue.