Stage Vest RTS - Distressed Leather and Denim WSCV-530

$ 498.00

Sizing Chart
Men's Tops
Size T-Shirt & Hoodie Work Shirt Vest
XS 32-36" (81-91cm)
S 36-40" (91-102cm) 38-42" (97-107cm) 38" (97cm)
M 40-42" (102-107cm) 42-45" (107-114cm) 40" (102cm)
L 42-44" (107-112cm) 45-48" (114-122cm) 42" (107cm)
XL 44-46" (112-117cm) 48-50" (122-127cm) 44" (112cm)
2XL 46-48" (117-122cm) 50-54" (127-137cm) 46" (117cm)
3XL 48-50" (122-127cm) 54-58" (137-147cm) 48" (122cm)
4XL 50" (127cm)
Women's Tops
Size V-Neck, Tank & Dress Boyfriend Tee & Hoodie (Unisex)
XS 32-36" (81-91cm)
S 30-32" (76-81cm) 36-40" (91-102cm)
M 32-34" (81-86cm) 40-42" (102-107cm)
L 34-36" (86-91cm) 42-44" (107-112cm)
XL 36-38" (91-97cm) 44-46" (112-117cm)
2XL 38-42" (97-107cm) 46-48" (117-122cm)

WSCV-530 Hand made from scratch
Denim, leather, studded, snap front vest

Ready to ship. One of a kind.
Fits chest up to 43 inches.
Custom, completely hand made from scratch using new and salvaged materials. All denim and leather pieces and patches are hand cut, hand sewn, and hand distressed. Hand painted and aged using our exclusive washes. High quality leather is super soft making this vest very comfortable to wear. All metal hardware hand applied. Hand studded. Hand printed back patch with Wornstar exclusive skull graphic. Laced on the sides making the size adjustable. Many hours of labor in this one.
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