Rock N Roll Forever Sleeveless Work Shirt

$ 68.00

Sizing Chart
Men's Tops
Size T-Shirt & Hoodie Work Shirt Vest
XS 32-36" (81-91cm)
S 36-40" (91-102cm) 38-42" (97-107cm) 38" (97cm)
M 40-42" (102-107cm) 42-45" (107-114cm) 40" (102cm)
L 42-44" (107-112cm) 45-48" (114-122cm) 42" (107cm)
XL 44-46" (112-117cm) 48-50" (122-127cm) 44" (112cm)
2XL 46-48" (117-122cm) 50-54" (127-137cm) 46" (117cm)
3XL 48-50" (122-127cm) 54-58" (137-147cm) 48" (122cm)
4XL 50" (127cm)
Women's Tops
Size V-Neck, Tank & Dress Boyfriend Tee & Hoodie (Unisex)
XS 32-36" (81-91cm)
S 30-32" (76-81cm) 36-40" (91-102cm)
M 32-34" (81-86cm) 40-42" (102-107cm)
L 34-36" (86-91cm) 42-44" (107-112cm)
XL 36-38" (91-97cm) 44-46" (112-117cm)
2XL 38-42" (97-107cm) 46-48" (117-122cm)

If it's too loud, you're too old. The Wornstar Rock N Roll Forever sleeveless work shirt features fade resistant 65% Polyester/35% Cotton with Wornstar Rock N Roll Forever graphics. Each button down work shirt features exclusive black and orange Wornstar gas station patch and two pockets on front.

• Black button-down sleeveless work shirt with cut off, unfinished arm holes
• 65% Polyester/35% Cotton
• Printed graphic on the front and back
• Exclusive black and orange Wornstar gas station patch on the front
• Two pockets on the front

Availability: Medium, 2XL, and 3XL available late September. All other sizes available now.

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