About MTO Items and Chop Shop Items

Made at Time of Order (MTO) Items

Custom made at time of order from existing garments, elements, and materials. Individually made at time of order ensuring a unique, one of a kind look for each one. All sizes are approximate and we do not offer custom tailoring. Custom pants pictured in our web store are 34" inseam. If length alterations are being made to the pants you purchased, it will effect the final look of your pants. It may also effect the style of the pants. Please review the sizing chart prior to your purchase. Any custom items take a minimum of two weeks. Average production time is 6 weeks. Some items can take longer depending on complexity of your item and availability of materials to complete your project. This timeframe does NOT include shipping times. Your item goes into production when your order is placed. Custom made items are not returnable or exchangable. No refunds are given once item is purchased. If you have a specific date that you need your item, please email wornstar@wornstar.com (extra fees may apply).

Chop Shop Items

Chop Shop garments are customized versions of garments that you supply. When sending your own garment, please be sure that the size, material, style, cut, and base color of the garment that you are sending is what you want. Alterations to size, material, style, cut, and base color are not included in the cost. All supplied garments are subject to review by the Wornstar Chop Shop team for usability. Currently, we can accommodate up to pants size 40 and vest size 52. Due to the nature of this service, your final garment will vary slightly from those pictured.